Buying Guides for Book Reading Lights in the Bedroom

1. What kind of light over a bed for reading books is good?

A bulb that is bright with a cool white appearance is best for study. Usually, halogen and fluorescent bulbs provide a better performance of illuminating reading material than normal bulbs.  Halogen is an enhanced version of incandescent light. It produces a whiter light that is perfect for reading and ensures good page illumination. These cool and warm lights are perfect to set over the bed for study. They are more relaxing for the eyes and soften the skin tone and reduce imperfections.

2. What is the ideal height of bedroom light for reading in bed?

Besides choosing a perfect light, the height of the light is an important part as well. According to some research, the perfect height for a bed lamp is approximately 24 to 27 inches. The height of the light determines the range of view, so choosing a good height is important.

3. Is the wall-mounted reading light for the bed good?

Wall-mounted reading lights can make your reading in bed more convenient and interesting. But be sure about the placement and the height of your lamp before fixing it. Moreover, the light color is also important to notice. Reading light for bed can make your study time more relaxing. It helps you to lay down and study whenever you feel a little tired of sitting.

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